"Every now and then you sit through a film that, when it is completed, has been a time of ecstasy, moments well-spent that have made you a better person because you have been there. If you miss this movie, you will miss one of the greatest cinematic experiences of all time. When the film was over, they stood to their feet and applauded the movie (Jacksonville-Florida screening). After you see it, so will you." Keith Johnson, Jacksonville.Com

"Thank you so much for the incredible movie, "The Gold Bracelet." I had the opportunity to see the movie last night at the Newport Beach Film Festival. WOW!!!!!!!!" Jayne Kennedy, Orange County Business Journal

"This evocative film will tug at your heart strings and earn your compassion. There is much to admire in this film." Richard Kaplan, Valley Scene Magazine

"Kavi Raz is the real deal" Powerful Film from a great talent" Carl Lewis, Olympian/ Actor

"This is a powerful film. It reminds us of our darkest hour as a nation. It is a film that will inspire us to live and work together as one. It is a film that needs to be seen across America and indeed worldwide." San Jose Vice-Mayor Cindy Chavez

"Precious Mettle…a must see film. I recommend this film highly. One of the most rewarding movies at this year's festival." Richard von Busack, San Jose "The Metro"

"Regina applauds your genius, Kavi Raz and revels in the glory of The Gold Bracelet. Thank you for bringing it to our part of the world. We will never be the same again," Director IWS

"Kavi Raz, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Saskatchewan. I am excited that you will be screening your groundbreaking film The Gold Bracelet in Regina-Canada," Premier of Saskatchewan Canada- Lorne Calvert

"Great movie, simply awesome. Every actor was great. Kavi is amazing, just amazing." Rennu Dhillon, Indiva Productions

"Thank you, thank you for such a rich contribution to the American Tapestry. I cherish my freedom more today having seen this film. This was by far the best film at Cinequest." Divid Potter

"Kavi has done an excellent job in writing, directing, acting and producing this film. What a tremendous talent." Shevalli-Cinequest film Festival

"I am still thinking of The Gold Bracelet over twenty four hours later. I found compassion, sentiment, tragedy, sorrow, glee and triumph. The best movie of over forty films I saw at the festival." Gery Turgeon- Cinequest Film Festival

"The Gold Bracelet is an American film. All of America needs to embrace this film. I have never been so moved by any other film in my life." Jim Boyce- French Cheese Company

"It was an honor to watch such a great film. I was impressed beyond belief…great imaginative writing…great acting," Sunny Raina

"A timely and important film. We are honored to have The Gold Bracelet at this year's festival." Cinequest Film Festival

"This film did more for race relations in two hours than just about anything," said one viewer after seeing the Los Angeles premiere of the acclaimed The Gold Bracelet. "It should be required viewing." Bob Sharka, Friends of Film-Method Fest Film Festival

"Awesome film. We are so proud to present this great film. Work of a very talented actor and filmmaker Kavi Raz." Don Franken, Method Fest Film Festival-Director

"Absolutely superb…Amazing…What a film." Ziba Group

"I can not express enough what a great movie The Gold Bracelet is. The acting, writing and directing…a beautiful story." Auxy Espinoza, Method Fest Film Festival

"Great movie…Loved it. Kavi you are a great actor, director, writer and producer," Rizzi-Desi Thrill

"I found the film poignant and it stayed with me for days. I felt you achieved with your story what Crash tried to do. You demonstrated the sense of prejudice that courses through our hearts in a very believable manner." Bob Katz, Academy of Television Arts and sciences

"The Gold Bracelet," it's a film that deserves to be seen and I know it will have great success. Kavi's work was the jury's favorite…top contender." Kelly Clement-programming director, Nantucket Film Festival

"THREE STARS (Out of Four). An obvious labor of love. Touching, full of charm and emotions," David Shwartz, CBS News

"Kavi....Very impressive movie….your acting performance is simply amazing." Minu Singh-Newport Beach Film Festival

"Thank you for a beautiful, though provoking piece of art." Ginger Jessop, Indianapolis International Film Festival

"I loved the movie. I was so touched by the relationships. It is a Must see movie!!!!" Jayne Kennedy, Orange County Business Journal

"My wife and I went to see the Gold Bracelet at the Newport Beach Film Festival and were happily surprised. Produced, written, directed and as an actor, Kavi Raz did a superb job. This movie is a breath of fresh air with the integration of Indian culture being integrated into western culture. The inner workings of this Indian family are most impressive. The love between husband and wife, the respect and honor of the children to their parents and the devotion to their theology seem to be missing in most of the films coming out of the USA. I hope for much success in the marketing of this film." David Hlebo

"We saw the movie at Indianapolis Film Festival and loved it. One of the most powerful films I have seen." Michelle Kunkel

"Mr. Raz, I wanted to share with you how much the movie touched me…excellent production…deserves high acclaim." Chandra Heeralal

"Raz's perfomance as Arjun steals the show. It's a rather brilliant performance that is just as emotive as it is passionate." Michael Ferraro

"The movie while offering entertainment, a window to the Punjabi culture, and frequent and familiar challenges of families as they try to transplant and create a place for themselves in the American cultural landscape, leaves some lasting resonance and lessons: to make an effort to know, understand, appreciate, and celebrate our collective goodness, decency, and the tapestry of cultures and to take needed steps to preserve and assure its rightful place and sanctity to our lives and spirit and culture of communities where we live." K.P. Singh

I absolutely loved the "The Gold Bracelet" Tajman, Kaurs Magazine

Kavi Raz, I must commend you on such a brilliant depiction of current day Sikh families. Please continue to create such fantastic films on the Indian heritage. Dali, Toronto, Canada

Kavi, "The Gold Bracelet" is an excellent movie; I as a Sikh am very proud of you. You have done a splendid thing for the Sikhs. Dr. Jaspal Singh Mayell

I was in attendance at the Canadian premier of your film "The Gold Bracelet" in Calgary and first of all must issue a most heart felt thank you for such a rewarding experience. Phil Dean, British-Canadian Filmmaker

A must see movie….This award winning drama…."The Gold Bracelet" Calgary Herald, Calgary Canada

"The Gold Bracelet" was a hit…it was an unforgettable experience. Neelu Sachdev-Regina-Canada

Kavi Raz thank you for the incredible work that you have done T. Sher Singh-Toronto-Canada

Kavi Raz's full length movie "The Gold Bracelet" was an absolute stunner as a Sikh family comes to term with 9/11 in USA and racialism, and self-doubt of their own identity as recognizable Sikhs. A very moving portrayal with some light moments, some very touching moments and tragedy. Superbly acted and directed and worthy of opening in 5000 cinemas across the world. This film will be talked about for a long time and I consider myself privileged that I saw it. Daya Singh-World Music Group-Australia

"Masterpiece" Dharmendra, Indian Superstar