Kavi Raz (Arjun)

A lead appearance in Big River, official selection for Pusan International Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival, and the directorial debut of a major motion picture marks a new direction in the career of Kavi Raz. For Kavi, The Gold Bracelet, which he wrote, produced and in which he plays the lead role of Arjun is his first major feature film as a director. And as such, is very close to his heart. Kavi is very passionate about his work, whether it is writing, producing, directing or acting. He takes nothing for granted but treats the process as a constant learning experience.

"Whatever I do, writing, producing, directing or acting, I delve deeper into my soul to find something new, different and challenging," admits Kavi.

"If I do anything with the attitude that I know it all, I feel I'm doomed to absolute failure. I always approach work with the expectation of a surprise by my own abilities. What excites me is how far can I reach? I don't consider myself an artiste, just an explorer, who knows so little but has the desire to learn so much more. I want to swim in the vast ocean of artistic expression. Regardless, if I will ever achieve the stature of a true artiste, is not the means to the end. But the journey itself would be fulfilling enough if I can continue to do what I love the most, make movies. The magic of movies is so seductive. It is an addiction like no other. And, I am hooked on something I can never give up," admits Kavi.

Kavi's perseverance paved the path and opened doors for many others to follow when he became the first ever South Asian actor to be signed on as a regular in a major Television series. That series was St. Elsewhere, an award winning show that appeared on NBC in the early-eighties. Kavi was an instant hit with the viewers, standing out among other cast members for his looks and talent. That landmark appearance lead to other shows such as The A Team, Hardcastle and McCormick, Hunter, Mash and many more. Kavi starred in feature films such as Night Train to Katmandu, Warning Signs, Terror Squad, Storm in the Afternoon, among others.

For his performance as Dr. Ajay Bose in Storm in the Afternoon, the LA times singled out Kavi Raz as "a powerhouse of an actor."

Archana Puran Singh (Baljit)

When Archana Puran Singh made the long trip from Bombay to Los Angeles for The Gold Bracelet, it marked a new milestone in her career, her first leading role in a film and that too a Hollywood production in English.

The gifted actress is a well known character artiste of Indian Films, TV and Stage. Having worked in hundreds of films and TV shows such as Bade Dilwale, Aashiq Aawaaraa, Aag Ka Gola, Mohabatein, she has developed a vast following for her consummate work.

Archana was immediately drawn to The Gold Bracelet after reading the script. Director Kavi Raz was so impressed by her understanding of the script and the character that the feeling became mutual for the two to work together. The chemistry was just perfect.

Mehrunnisa Hassan (Simrun)

As an accomplished classical dancer with a degree in theatre from the University of Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky, USA), Mehrunnisa says that she considers it a great privilege to have been given the opportunity to play the lead role in The Gold Bracelet.


Though Mehrunnisa has worked in films internationally (Madras, Mumbai, Lahore, Los Angeles), and in several different languages (Tamil, English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi), she feels that The Gold Bracelet is a major milestone in her career for both personal and professional reasons.


When Mehrunnisa Hassan came to the sets of The Gold Bracelet, little did rest of the cast, crew and director know that she had just suffered a personal tragedy which in many ways paralleled the one that she would be called upon to face as Simrun in the film.


"The Gold Bracelet was a very difficult film for me and also very close to my heart. When I first read the script, I fell in love with it and from that point on wanted nothing more than to play Simrun. It was a multidimensional role that both challenged and excited me as an artist," says Mehrunnisa.

Mehrunnisa was selected from amongst hundreds of girls who were auditioned in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Bombay.

Arsh Singh (Ranjit)

First started performing at community theaters while in high school where he developed a deeper passion for acting. He played many lead roles such as Macbeth in Macbeth, Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Ellard in The Foreigner. After graduating from high school he appeared in several short films.

The Gold Bracelet marks his screen debut and that too in a very demanding role of Ranjit. "The Gold Bracelet has been a tremendous experience for me. Playing the role of Ranjit was extremely challenging because he is such an emotional character. Hard work and guidance by Kavi Raz, my director, helped me in giving life to Ranjit," says Arsh.

Ari Barak (Mirza)

Ari Barak landed in Los Angeles after a world tour that started in his native Israel. One of the highlights of the tour was appearing at the Palace Theatre on Broadway.

In Los Angeles, Ari landed a contract with Paramount Studios. Some of the movies Ari appeared in were: Wes Craven's Wishmaster, Waterworld with Kevin Costner, Desert Thunder, Scorpion, Martial Outlaw and many more.

On TV, he guest Starred in Hardcastle & McCormick, Beverly Hills 90210, Raven, Wolf, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Masquerade, Dynasty, in the movie of the week Jericho Fever, among others.

Sonny Mandal (Bobby Dhillon)

Born in the U.S. to immigrant parents, family & education had always been at the forefront for Sonny Mandal.

While earning his college degree, he performed in theatre, playing Kenicke in Grease and Diesel in West Side Story. During his acting training in New York City, he earned his first TV appearance in an episode of the NBC Drama Law & Order: Criminal Intent, followed by a role on NBC's She Spies.

Months of auditioning actors for the role of Bobby Dhillon in major U.S. cities and abroad, lead to casting Mandal for this role, while he was still studying at Larry Moss Studio.

Aware that many available roles may be encouraging stereotype in films, Sonny, with a new interest in the Indian culture already settling in by the time he was called to meet with director Kavi Raz, found The Gold Bracelet just the right opportunity to encourage change; something that Kavi and Sonny found in common.

Joseph Whipp (Mel Harris)

Joseph Whipp is a native of San Francisco, California, who has been working consistently for the last 30 years in Hollywood and New York on stage, television and films.

He had long running roles on Days of Our Lives and General Hospital as well as guest starring roles on Cheers, Golden Girls, Home Improvement, Baywatch, Monk, Lizzie McGuire and many others.

Film Credits include both of Wes Craven's Horror Classics: A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream.

He can also be seen in Suicide Kings with Denis Leary and The Job with Darryl Hannah.

Jack Conroy (Director of Photography)

With his extraordinary cinematic vision and keen eye for detail, Jack Conroy brought with him his typical Irish humor and can do spirit when he came on the sets of The Gold Bracelet.

From the time he read the script, Jack had wanted to be a part of the project and his strong and wholehearted commitment was obvious to the entire cast and crew.

When one looks at the list of people that have been portrayed by his camera, it reads like a virtual who's who of the world's greatest stars. Sophia Loren, Mickey Rourke, Pamela Anderson, Christopher Lambert, Sir John Mills, James Coburn, Pierce Brosnan, Burt Reynolds, George. C. Scott, Bob Hoskins, John Hurt, Richard Harris, Angela Lansbury, Harvey Keitel, and superstar Omar Sharif to name a few.

Jack is the award-winning cinematographer of films such as My Left Foot and Homeward Bound.


Chris Worland (Editor)

A native of Sweden, Chris Worland entered the world of the editing room through the dark world of the movie theatre, where he spent much of his youth admiring the films of Ingmar Bergman, Eric Rohmer, John Cassavettes and many others.

Since relocating to the United States, Worland has edited over 16 independent features including Raven for New Line, Little Bigfoot for Republic Pictures, The Silencers and Magic Kid 2 for Showtime and Steel Frontier for HBO as well as Inferno, an MOW for Paramount.

Television series include Son of the Beach,Team Knight Rider, Silk Stalkings and Land of the Lost. He also edited Beyond the Page, an award winning children's series for Disney Educational.

Micky Narula (Songs Composer)

Lured by the creativity of the Music world and influenced by his father's work as a leading composer, Micky began his career in music at a very young age.

When Director Kavi Raz, spoke to Micky about composing the songs for The Gold Bracelet, he jumped at the opportunity, his first major break as a composer.

What he created is a wonderful blend of traditional Punjabi music with contemporary sounds, just as the director had demanded.

Asked what are his favorite songs from the movie The Gold Bracelet?

Micky said, "I like the entire album, but Naach Ke Yaar Manale, Neend Nahi Atee, and Dolli are among some of my favorite ones."

Peter Carl Ganderup (Original score)

"The Gold Bracelet has been the first film in years, which has come through the door that I really wanted to score from the heart," says 'Duck' as he is commonly known.

The result is his moving, haunting and passionate creation that resonates in every emotion of the film.

From his beginnings in the 80's when he played with different rock bands, to starting his own audio production company in 1999, 'Duck' has traveled a long journey that included stints as a sessions' musician for arms dealer Adnan Khasshoggi.

He started playing the Piano at the age of nine and then studied at the Russian Music Academy under Bella Frank.

Among the many films and TV shows that he has scored, are United Artists' Marilyn Monroe, Life after Death and Show Time's The Price of Desire.