Somewhere in the rugged terrains of a foreign land, a man schemed, plotted and carried out a hideous and cowardly act that changed our world forever.
Somewhere in the heart of America, a simple man living a righteous, pious life, raising his family with the fear of God in his heart, pays the consequences.

The Gold Bracelet is a groundbreaking film with the backdrop of an event that changed America forever. Brave, proud, soul stirring, wrenching at its every heartbeat, yet showered with colors of a full, blissful life, The Gold Bracelet is a moving journey of man who strives to live a simple yet meaningful life.

Even in a tragedy of the greatest magnitude, there is hope.
Events define history
Events change lives...forever
Events, in the vortex of catastrophe, shape will and courage, towards a newfound resolution and hope

The Gold Bracelet, an odyssey of a simple, hardworking man, a native of India, but proud of his love for his adoptive country, finds his beliefs tested on the anvil of bigotry that often plagues the soul of our nation.

The future of our nation, leader of the free world, will be defined by how our ship sails through the turbulent storms of our present.

Arjun Singh (Kavi Raz), a God fearing man who left his native land of Punjab, India to fulfill his dream of coming to America and give his family a better life. Leaving behind a professor's occupation, he now runs a mechanic shop in his adoptive homeland.
Reservedly steadfast to his culture and beliefs, he embraces America with a new found sense of pride and joy.
He revels in his own ideology of what America means and represents to him and millions like him.

I am an American for I feel for America.
Today my heart bleeds for America.

With his trust and faith in God, he tries to accomplish his simple needs, prime among them to provide for his wife Baljit (Archana Puran Singh), their children, Simrun (Mehrunnisa Hassan) and Ranjit (Arsh Singh). His wife is his companion and rock solid support as he treads the journey of life, facing its challenges in his strive to be a good and understanding father.

In his search to find a suitable husband for his daughter, who is finishing her MBA, a match is recommended by his long time friend Mirza (Ari Barak), a Muslim. She agrees to meet the recommended match (Sonny Mandal) in deference to her father's will, a father whom she admires and respects more than any other individual in the world. However, her stipulation is that she reserves the final right of refusal. A surprise turn of events lead to the proposal being finalized and the marriage preparations go into full swing.

Life should be fair, not necessarily favorable

Arjun digs out an old Gold Bracelet, a "Karra" that holds special significance for him; a symbol of strength and an item of value far greater than he could ever fathom. It has been given to him on his wedding day by his father-in-law, a man of great wisdom who had foreseen its true value. As the ceremonies of the wedding are celebrated, much color and gaiety fill the Singh household. Suddenly the tragic events of September 11th engulf the nation. Arjun joins the nation in this mourning, unable to comprehend the motives for this dastardly act. He continues performing his job, reaffirming and reasserting his pride at being an American, although he cannot quite relate to the repercussions of the attack.

I would have given my life for that turban.

With this backdrop of the national tragedy, the lives of the Singh household are moved to a very personal tragedy as the very foundation of their survival is rocked. The pride of nationalism and the strength of character that Arjun has always stood for come to be harshly tested. The colors of the wedding celebration turn somber. America changes for ever as the darkness of the calamity enfolds the nation.

Yet it is this very darkness that brings to light a hitherto suppressed neighborliness in the form of Mel Harris (Joseph Whipp). An inherent apathy for other cultures turns into an avid interest as he steps in to provide a real, meaningful hand of support to the Singh household, symbolically represented by The Gold Bracelet. He offers an umbrella of brotherliness and humanity to shelter under, embracing his neighbors at a time when their very identity has been shaken.

The Gold Bracelet, though embodied with much humor and vibrant colors is yet a tragedy that transcends the grief experienced by a single family and overflows into a river of hope, courage and the demonic defeat of bigotry.

I believe in the truth. I still have faith in the truth. So I am somebody.

Arjun Singh    

     Kavi Raz

Baljit Kaur    

    Archana Puran Singh

Simrun Kaur    

    Mehrunnisa Hassan

Ranjit Singh    

    Arsh Singh

Mirza Khan    

    Ari Barak

Mel Harris    

    Joseph Whipp

Bobby Dhillon    

    Sonny Mandal

Mr. Peterson    

    Bradford English

Miss Hanson    

    Ellen Geer


    Angela Little


    Anita Rohila

Ajit Singh    

    Rajeev Chhibber

Bahadur Singh    

    Parvin Syal

Mr. Dhillon    

    Niliesh Malhotra

Mrs. Dhillon    

    Gini Singh

Mrs Peterson    

    Amy Murray


    Kumar Pallana


    Bhai Rajinder Singh

Gurdit Singh    

    Inder Dadlani


    Malvinder Kalra


    Joseph Bertot

The Man    

    Oris Erhuero


    Ezra Buzzington


    Ben Anand


    Avtar Singh

Dhillon Baby    

    Armaan Walia

Gang Leader    

    Gary Castro Churchwell

College Professor    

    Pat Nickelson

Cop # 1    

    Erik Ferman

Cop #2    

    Jeremy McCormick


    Christopher Wedding

Male Singer    

    Malkiat Singh

Female Singer    

    Jasleen Singh

Gidha/Tappe Singer    

    Jaspinder Narula

Folk Singer    

    Abid Masih



Special Appearance by Jaspinder Narula

Inder Dadlani
Kavi Raz
Bhikhubhai Patel

Jack Conroy

Peter Carl Ganderup

Micky Narula


Omi Vaidya
Chris Worland

Dr. Parvin Syal
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Shevali Aggarwal

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Sonia Shah

Aditi Sharma

Indian Institute of Arts and Culture
Simmer Sarang
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Tejbir Singh

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